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Our goal

Happiness is what we experience here and now. Therefore, is mix of fresh ideas, creativity, strategy, advertising, management, promotions. Our goal is to make a difference by creating brand new ideas for our associates. Our final mission is to have happy and satisfied clients.

About us

We started our journey five years ago with our news media site and our online shop for printing the recognizable cups with the slogan “Happiness is …” and custom made T-shirts, which spontaneously turned into our trademark.

Today, we have created a professional marketing company specialized for digital marketing, PR and media, social networks, campaigns, big events, projects and many more.

Our company is located on the Boat of Happiness by the river of Vardar where we also have our own coffee bar which provides us a lot of space for interaction with other people, as well as sharing experiences and finding inspiration for new projects.

We are also working with startups, and pretty soon we will open our Incubator Startap Club Skopje, which will be located on the same boat.

Take your journey with us, we promise you a lot of fun, professional service and different perspective!